About us

About us:


Quality Point was created during the summer of 2016 when two old friends decided to start a company with real quality focus.


We had talked about how developers tend to be “The Hero” and get a bottle of champagne when they correct a critical bug in production, while the developers that creates the best code and never have to touch the code in production hardly get a raise.

That testers that find the most critical bugs are the ones becoming Test Managers while the testers that teach their developers to not make bugs hardly find any.

That a product can be free of technical bugs but do completely the wrong thing.

That the quest for the right quality always starts with defining it, but it is never done. (almost never)

That doing the right thing once, will always be cheaper in the end.


We have the combined experience over 40 years of knowing how to do things right and we have gathered a team of people that works for our principles of helping customers to do the right thing.